The 11 Most Talked About Record Store Day Releases:

Tomorrow is the annual fun-loving shopping spree for audiophiles everywhere.  Pretty much every music mag/zine/blog/critic/expert has their own top essential purchases they recommend for RSD.  I could do the same.  But it would just be my recommends for what I really want.  Instead, I’ve dug through the net and tallied up everyone else’s list.  I’ve created a combo list of the most talked about releases.  I was surprised to see only two of my “must buys” on the list.  And craziest of all, the number one most talked about release on Record Store Day is…a CASSETTE.  Metallica’s reprint of their very first release on cassette is the most talked about release this year.  Overall, it’s a pretty solid list with current rockers, classic rockers, rap lords, and some fresh indie faces.

Happy hunting!!!

Here are The 11 Most Talked About Record Store Day Releases:

  1. Metallica – No Life ‘Till Leather

2.  The White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan

3.  Foo Fighters – Songs From The Laundry Room

4.  Father John Misty – I Loved You Honeybee

5. J. Dilla – Fuck the Police

6. Run the Jewels -Bust No Moves

7. Courtney Barnett – Kim’s Caravan

8. Sly and the Family Stone – Live at the Fillmore East

9. David Bowie – Changes

10.  Brian Eno – My Squelchy Life

11.  Willie Nelson – Teatro

Honorable Mentions:  Mclusky, Elvis Presley, Sim Dunlap, Phish, Mumford and Sons, and Hanni El Khalib

What are your favorite releases?


The 111 Best Songs By Beck


Why did Beck win album of the year over Beyonce?

Let’s start with the basics.  First, Beck and Beyonce both put out very good albums.  And in all honesty, Beyonce has the better album.  Personally, I prefer to listen to Beck’s album but Beyonce’s is still a triumphant piece of music.  I love Beck but this isn’t his best album.  It doesn’t even make my top five, which would be:

  1. Sea Change
  2. Midnight Vultures
  3. Odelay
  4. Modern Guilt
  5. Guero

I even prefer Beck’s Record Club’s full album cover of the Velvet Underground and Nico over Morning Phase.  So why did Beck’s good but not great album beat out Beyonce’s career-defining tour de force?  One reason: legacy.

Sad but true, the Grammys are more about legacy and proficiency than what’s trending.  It comes down to the voters.  Most of the voters are old school rockers.  So what’s more appealing to an old school rocker who still spins vinyl because he never got into that CD craze:  a funk-dified bombastic sexual dance party or an intimate portrait of a man and his guitar?  Beck has been nominated a few times for album of the year.  It’s just name recognition.  Ultimately, it doesn’t mean anything.

On Monday I may want to listen to Beck.  On Tuesday, Beyonce.  What I like at that moment has to do with the mood I am in, it has nothing to do with which album is a better piece of music.  The outrage over Beck’s win from the media, to Twitter to Kanye is totally misplaced.  We shouldn’t be mad at the voters for picking Beck.  We should be mad at ourselves for caring.

That said…ahem…here’s a list of the best Beck songs.

Here are the 111 Best Songs By Beck:

  1. Girl (Guero)
  2. Jackass (Odelay)
  3. Sexx Laws (Midnight Vultures)
  4. Where It’s At (Odelay)
  5. Lost Cause (Sea Change)
  6. Chemtrails (Modern Guilt)
  7. Debra (Midnight Vultures)
  8. Gamma Ray (Modern Guilt)
  9. Loser (Mellow Gold)
  10. Mixed Bixness (Midnight Vultures)
  11. Turn Away (Morning Phase)
  12. One of These Days (Cold Brains)
  13. I Think I’m In Love (The Information)
  14. Golden Age (Sea Change)
  15. Pressure Zone (Midnight Vultures)
  16. Modern Guilt (Modern Guilt)
  17. Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
  18. Devil’s Haircut (Odelay)
  19. Lord Only Knows (Odelay)
  20. Nicotine and Gravy (Midnight Vultures)
  21. Lonesome Tears (Sea Change)
  22. Diamond in the Sleaze (Cold Brains)
  23. Que Onda Guero (Guero)
  24. Profanity Prayers (Modern Guilt)
  25. Blue Moon (Morning Phase)
  26. Burro (Stray Blues)
  27. Hollywood Freaks (Midnight Vultures)
  28. Ramona (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)
  29. Guess I’m Doing Fine (Sea Change)
  30. Sunday Morning (Velvet Underground + Nico)
  31. Electric Music and the Summer People (Mutations)
  32. Cellphone’s Dead (The Information)
  33. Tropicalia (Mutations)
  34. E-Pro (Guero)
  35. Strange Apparition (The Information)
  36. Heaven’s Ladder (Beck’s Song Reader)
  37. I Won’t Be Long (Single)
  38. Walls (Modern Guilt)
  39. Earthquake Weather (Guero)
  40. Sissyneck (Odelay)
  41. This Is My Crew (Sexx Laws)
  42. Inside Out (The Information)
  43. Go It Alone (Guero)
  44. Beercan (Mellow Gold)
  45. Mexico (Rare On Air)
  46. Hotwax (Odelay)
  47. Diamond Bullocks (Mutations)
  48. Heaven Can Wait (IRM)
  49. Waking Light (Morning Phase)
  50. Looking For A Sign (Jeff Who Lives At Home)
  51. The New Pollution (Odelay)
  52. New Round (The Information)
  53. Nobody’s Fault But My Own (Mutations)
  54. Missing (Guero)
  55. Nausea (The Information)
  56. Blackbird Chain (Morning Phase)
  57. Black Tambourine (Guero)
  58. Corvette Bummer (Loser)
  59. Readymade (Odelay)
  60. Send A Message To Her (Guero Japanese)
  61. Asshole (One Foot In The Grave)
  62. Salt In The Wound (Sexx Laws)
  63. Pay No Mind Snoozer (Mellow Gold)
  64. Paper Tiger (Sea Change)
  65. I Just Started Hating Some People Today (Single)
  66. The Information (The Information)
  67. Scarecrow (Guero)
  68. Youthless (Modern Guilt)
  69. Milk & Honey (Midnight Vultures)
  70. Halo of Gold (Stray Blues)
  71. Femme Fatale (Velvet Underground + Nico)
  72. Cold Brains (Mutations)
  73. Orphans (Modern Guilt)
  74. Heart Is A Drum (Morning Phase)
  75. Get Real Paid (Midnight Vultures)
  76. Hell Yes (Guero)
  77. I’ll Be Your Mirror (Velvet Underground + Nico)
  78. Rowboat (Stereopathetic Soulmanure)
  79. Novacane (Odelay)
  80. Dark Star (The Information)
  81. Fuckin’ With My Head (Mellow Gold)
  82. Beautiful Way (Midnight Vultures)
  83. True Love Will Find You In The End (The Late Great Daniel Johnston)
  84. Bonfire Blondes (Gamma Ray)
  85. Gold Chains (Odelay Deluxe)
  86. Modesto (Sterpathetic Soulmanure)
  87. Elevator Music (The Information)
  88. Sleeping Bag (One Foot In The Grave)
  89. Diamond Dogs(Moulin Rouge)
  90. Sunday Son (Sea Change)
  91. Deadweight (A Life Less Ordinary)
  92. All In Your Mind (Sea Change)
  93. Brother (Stray Blues)
  94. Ship In A Bottle (Sea Change Japanese)
  95. Peaches and Cream (Midnight Vultures)
  96. Leopard-Skin Pill-box Hat (War Child Heroes)
  97. Fume (Loser)
  98. Vampire Voltage No. 6 (Chemtrails)
  99. Soul Suckin’ Jerk (Mellow Gold)
  100. Inferno (Odelay Deluxe)
  101. Feather in Your Cap (Stray Blues)
  102. Bad Blood (True Blood Volume 2)
  103. Sisters of Mercy (Songs of Leonard Cohen)
  104. Don’t Let It Go (Morning Phase)
  105. Lampshade (A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight)
  106. Movie Theme (The Information)
  107. Little Hands (Oar)
  108. Half And Half (Youthless)
  109. Mattress (One Foot In the Grave)
  110. No Complaints (The Information)
  111. The Horrible Fanfare/Landslide/Exoskeleton (The Information)


The 11 Best New England Bands

There are two teams playing in the Superbowl…let’s not forget the east coast rival, the New England Patriots.

Here are the 11 Best New England Bands:

  1. Boston
  2. Aerosmith
  3. The Cars
  4. The Pixies
  5. J. Geils Band
  6. Dinosaur Jr.
  7. Dispatch
  8. MGMT
  9. Passion Pit
  10. Deer Tick
  11. Phish


The 11 Best Seattle Bands


Today is the Super Bowl. The day when we celebrate what it means to be American.  We eat, drink, watch sports and pass out.  Here’s our pre-game warm-up for all you Seahawk fans.

Here are the 11 Best Bands from Seattle (or close by):

  1. Nirvana
  2. The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  3. Pearl Jam
  4. Soundgarden
  5. Modest Mouse
  6. Alice In Chains
  7. Death Cab For Cutie
  8. Foo Fighters
  9. Heart
  10. Sunny Day Real Estate
  11. Mother Love Bone



The 55 Best Albums of 2014 (1-11)

At the end of the day, the top albums came down to the ones I found myself listening to the most.  There were albums I respected but I never had the urge to play, so they ended up lower on the list.  These were the albums that kept finding themselves in my heavy rotation.  These albums deserve top billing.

Probably the biggest surprise here is the U2 album.  I have no idea why so many people criticized its delivery method.  People have been complaining that the old system doesn’t work anymore; labels and bands need to try new things.  U2 did. They gave the fans exactly what they asked for and the people still complained.  People didn’t complain this much about Zooropa (which deserved it). My favorite criticism of the band is now they’re corporate.  I hate to break it to you all, any band on a record label is corporate. U2 took a risk and I commend them for it. I’d rather a band take a risk and fail then play it safe and be ordinary.  If people stopped complaining and listened, they might actually be surprised.

Here are the 55 Best Albums of 2014 (1-11):

1.  Broken Bells - After the Disco
2.  Antemasque - Antemasque
3.  Eagulls - Eagulls
4.  TV On The Radio - Seeds
5.  White Sea - White Sea
6.  Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues
7.  Cheatahs - Cheatahs
8.  Jack White - Lazaretto
9.  James Vincent McMorrow - Post-Tropical
10. Run The Jewels - RTJ2
11. U2 - Songs of Innocence

Buy all of these albums and more…now!!


The 55 Best Albums of 2014 (12-22)

Lots of guilty pleasures on the list today.  And I may be the only one on the planet who liked the Foster the People album.

Here are the 55 Best Albums of 2014 (12-22):

12.  Foster The People - Supermodel
13. Conor Oberst - Upside Down Mountain
14. Klaxons - Love Frequency
15. Spoon - They Want My Soul
16. Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence
17. Gardens & Villas - Dunes
18. First Aid Kit - Stay Gold
19. Pure X - Angel
20. The War On Drugs - Lost In The Dream
21. The Sunshine Underground - The Sunshine Underground
22. FKA Twigs - LP1

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The 55 Best Albums of 2014 (23-33)

There have been questions about this year’s countdown…to answer the big one:  I did not do a poll this year.  Though I promised, I ran out of my time in my life, day job, and parenting duties.  So, this year, you’re just going to have to live with my list and my list only.  Enjoy the kitty.

Here are the 55 Best Albums of 2014 (23-33):

23. Johnny Cash - Out among the Stars
24. Movement - Movement EP
25. Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams
26. Jenny Lewis - The Voyager
27. Merchandise - After the End
28. Beck - Morning Phase
39. Y.G. - My Krazy Life
30. You Blew It! - Keep Doing What You're Doing
31. Cloud Nothings - Here And Nothing Else
32. The Black Keys - Turn Blue
33. Claire - The Great Escape

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