Instead of commenting on something today, I’d rather share a short video with you.  It’s about a music collector that kicks all of our asses.  If you think you own a lot of music, he has more.  He has more than me.  He has more than you and me…combined!  Check it out.

 I don’t know how to imbed video cause I’m old…so here;s the link

 Here are 11 Best Songs By Band of Horses:

 1.  Wicked Gil (Everything All the Time)

2.  The Great Salt Lake (Everything All the Time)

3.  Cigarettes, Wedding Bands (Cease To Begin)

4.  The First Song (Everything All the Time)

5.  Detlef Shrempf (Cease To Begin)

6.  Weed Party (Everything All the Time)

7.  Window Blues (Cease To Begin)

8.  Our Swords (Everything All the Time)

9.  Is There A Ghost (Cease To Begin)

10.  Monsters (Everything All the Time)

11.  Islands on the Coast (Cease To Begin)

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