I’ve been a music blogger since 2006.  I started this site as a means to practice my writing.  Over time it became a place for music lovers to come and find out about music that they didn’t know about that may have slipped by or to read about bands they loved.  I enjoy hearing from the people who disagree with my lists as much as I enjoy hearing from the people who completely agree with them.  As I writer, I have written for TV, movies, and magazines but have found writing a music blog the most rewarding of all.  It’s the least perfect and the most human.

From time to time, I do feature “unknown” artists.  If you’re a new band looking for some exposure, feel free to submit to the email below. Please provide a link where I can hear your music.  I prefer links over MP3s.  Give me a little info about your band including links to your social media presence.


  • Ruud Bakker

    You missed an unreleased album of In Tua Nua: When Night Came Down On Sunset