The Cure – Disintegration (Re-Imagined)

This weekend was Record Store Day.  The greatest single event created for music fans everywhere.  And for all the haters, they’re just bitter because they didn’t think of it first.  Seriously.  Without Record Store Day, independent record stores would be out of business, not increasing in numbers.  So for any flaws it might have, the positives outweigh the negatives in extremes.

This year, for Record Store Day, there were a few “alternate” versions of popular albums.  The Flaming Lips’ alternate version of “Clouds Taste Metallic” and Fleetwood Mac’s alternate “Tuck” are a couple that come to mind.  This got me thinking.  How can we re-imagine famous albums in a new way? Not necessarily a better way…but a new way.  Like visiting a best friend in a new house or a director’s cut of a great movie.  Are there other ways to enjoy something we already love?

My favorite album of all time is the Cure’s “Disintegration.”  It might be the perfect album.  To me.  It got me thinking…is there a new way to enjoy this album?  Even by merely re-ordering the songs…  Is there a new way to experience it?  I took the 12 songs from the original release.  I included the 4 B-sides and used the extended remixes of the singles in lieu of the current album versions.  With these 16 songs, I ventured out to create a new album.

Immediately, I noticed one very important thing…the order of the songs is as important as the songs themselves.  Here’s something to consider.  If I try to make a 12 song album, using these 16 songs, the possibilities of different albums number in the…get ready for this…billions.  Yes, billions.  There are over 800 billion different ways to order these 16 songs. Eight hundred billion.  This is true. It’s called math.  Permutations, precisely.  Google it.

So, of the 800 billion possible combinations, are there other combinations that work?  The answer is…yes.  Over the course of re-evaluating this album, I discovered two very different paths, creating two polarizing different albums: a dark album…and a light album.  So I have included them for you here.  Disintegration:  The Light and Disintegration: The Dark.  Listen to them both below…and enjoy a new journey into The Cure.  Even songs used in both alternate versions, come across with totally different feels in their new homes. A unique experience that can surely open the door into the listening of other favorite albums.

Trying to stay on par with the original, I have capped the running length under 70 minutes.  Let me know your thoughts…and your own versions.

The Cure Disintegration: The Dark



The Cure Disintegration:  The Light



The 11 Best A Tribe Called Quest Performances By Phife Dawg

It’s been a hard year on music.  Another major loss today with the passing of the iconic, Phife Dawg.  A legend, whose lyrical mastery inspired a generation of socially-motivated rappers.  A wordsmith, a poet, a legend.  Your words will live on.

Here are the 11 best Phife Dawg performances in A Tribe Called Quest:

  1. Buggin’ Out (Low End Theory)
  2. Oh My God (Midnight Marauders)
  3. Electric Relaxation (Midnight Marauders)
  4. Scenario (Low End Theory)
  5. Award Tour (Midnight Marauders)
  6. Check The Rhyme (Low End Theory)
  7. Can I Kick It? (People’s Instinctive Travels and the Path of Rhythm)
  8. Jazz (Low End Theory)
  9. Steve Biko (Midnight Marauders)
  10. Mind Power (Beats, Rhyme, and Life)
  11. Find A Way (The Love Movement)


The 11 Best Songs Sung by Glenn Frey

In high school, I bought a four pack of CDs from Costco, featuring four of the Eagles best albums.  The set included The Eagles, Desperado, The Long Run and Hotel California.  Costco had been packaging four packs of CDs like this for some iconic artists like Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin.  It was a great doorway drug for a young kid, discovering a classic artist for the first time.  I purchased the Eagles because I was growing up in a small town where country music was the mainstream while I preferred rock music. I believed it was a nice alternative to have in my car in case someone found one of my Depeche Mode or Cure CDs lying around.  What instantly struck me about the Eagles was their flawless ability to teeter back and forth between two lead singers with strong success.  Both of them had similar styles that blended into beautiful melodies and harmonies.  Only the Grateful Dead and Fleetwood Mac can brag about having multiple lead singers.  But when Weir sang over Garcia or Buckingham over Nicks, there were distinct differences in the songs.  The Henley-Frey combo was a needle in a haystack.  A perfect union that has forever ended.

Glenn Frey’s legacy is unmatched except only by his brother in arms, Don Henley.

RIP Glenn…Take it easy…

Here are the 11 Best Songs Sung By Glenn Frey:

  1. Take It Easy (The Eagles – The Eagles)
  2. Lyin’ Eyes (The Eagles – One Of These Nights)
  3. Tequila Sunrise (The Eagles – Desperado)
  4. Already Gone (The Eagles – On the Border)
  5. Don’t Give Up (No Fun Aloud)
  6. You Belong To The City (Miami Vice Soundtrack)
  7. New Kid In Town (The Eagles – Hotel California)
  8. Outlaw Man (The Eagles – Desperado)
  9. Somebody (The Eagles – Long Road Out Of Eden)
  10. The Allnighter (The Allnighter)
  11. King Of Hollywood with Don Henley (The Eagles – The Long Run)

The 111 Best Dreams By David Bowie

Legends are rare.  Legends who endure are even rarer. Legends who can defy death are the rarest of all.  Bowie’s absence will leave a hole in all our hearts but his music will live on in our souls.  Bowie shared his dreams with us: dreams of tomorrow, dreams of the unknown. His dreams will live on in all of us.

This list encompasses the majority of Bowie’s solo career.  I did not include Tin Machine or his guest spot/team-ups.  I also avoided the live albums.  This list was hard enough with just his main releases.  I will update this list through-out the day as I re-visit Bowie’s amazing dreams.

Here are the 111 Best Songs By David Bowie:

  1. Suffragette City (Ziggy Stardust)
  2. Life on Mars? (Hunky Dory)
  3. Modern Love (Let’s Dance)
  4. Ziggy Stardust (Ziggy Stardust)
  5. Rebel Rebel (Diamond Dogs)
  6. Moonage Daydream (Ziggy Stardust)
  7. China Girl (Let’s Dance)
  8. The Man Who Sold the World (The Man Who Sold the World)
  9. Young Americans (Young Americans)
  10. Changes (Hunky Dory)
  11. Hang On To Yourself (Ziggy Stardust)
  12. Space Oddity (Space Oddity)
  13. Golden Years (Station To Station)
  14. Five Years (Ziggy Stardust)
  15. Andy Warhol (Hunky Dory)
  16. Song For Bob Dylan (Hunky Dory)
  17. The Width of a Circle (The Man Who Sold the World)
  18. Neighborhood Threat (Tonight)
  19. Bang Bang  (Never Let Me Down)
  20. Jean Genie (Aladdin Sane)
  21. Blue Jean (Tonight)
  22. Sound and Vision (Low)
  23. DJ (Lodger)
  24. John, I’m Only Dancing (Ziggy Stardust)
  25. Lazarus (Blackstar)
  26. 1984 (Diamond Dogs)
  27. Cracked Actor (Aladdin Sane)
  28. Starman (Ziggy Stardust)
  29. Let’s Dance  (Let’s Dance)
  30. Watch That Man (Aladdin Sane)
  31. Queen Bitch (Hunky Dory)
  32. Velvet Goldmine (Ziggy Stardust Deluxe Edition)
  33. Be My Wife (Low)
  34. Rock N Roll Suicide (Ziggy Stardust)
  35. Loving The Alien (Tonight)
  36. Fascination (Young Americans)
  37. Star (Ziggy Stardust)
  38. Heroes (Heroes)
  39. Let’s Spend the Night Together (Aladdin Sane)
  40. Soul Love (Ziggy Stardust)
  41. All The Young Dudes (Aladdin Sane 30th Anniversary)
  42. The Stars Are Out Tonight (The Next Day)
  43. Cat People (Let’s Dance)
  44. Scary Monsters and Super Creeps (Scary Monsters)
  45. She’s Got Medals (David Bowie)
  46. Diamond Dogs (Diamond Dogs)
  47. Blackstar (Blackstar)
  48. New York’s In Love (Never Let Me Down)
  49. I’m Afraid of Americans (Earthling)
  50. Afraid (Heathen)
  51. Lady Stardust (Ziggy Stardust)
  52. Kooks (Hunky Dory)
  53. Black Country Rock (The Man Who Sold the World)
  54. Fame (Young Americans)
  55. Where Are We Now? (The Next Day)
  56. Criminal World (Let’s Dance)
  57. The Supermen (Hunky Dory Special Edition)
  58. Sunday (Heathen)
  59. Janine (Space Oddity)
  60. Love Is Lost (The Next Day)
  61. Secret Life of Arabia (Heroes)
  62. Strangers When We Meet (Outside)
  63. Growin’ Up (Diamond Dogs 30th Anniversary)
  64. Time Will Crawl (Never Let Me Down)
  65. How Does The Grass Grow? (The Next Day)
  66. Reality (Reality)
  67. The Bewlay Brothers (Hunky Dory)
  68. Drive In Saturday (Aladdin Sane)
  69. Oh! You Pretty Things (Hunky Dory)
  70. You Feel So Lonely You Could Die (The New Day)
  71. It’s Hard To Be A Saint In City (Sound and Vision)
  72. Tis A Pity She Was A Whore (Blackstar)
  73. Day-In Day-Out (Never Let Me Down)
  74. Breaking Glass (Low)
  75. Jump They Say (Black Tie White Noise)
  76. TVC15 (Station To Station)
  77. Valentine’s Day (The Next Day)
  78. Time (Aladdin Sane)
  79. Panic In Detroit (Aladdin Sane)
  80. Seven (Hours…)
  81. Big Brother (Diamond Dogs)
  82. I Can’t Give Everything Away (Blackstar)
  83. Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly (Space Oddity)
  84. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere? (Pin-Ups)
  85. Rock N Roll With Me (Diamond Dogs)
  86. Cygnet Committee (Space Oddity)
  87. Tonight (Tonight)
  88. It Ain’t Easy (Ziggy Stardust)
  89. You’ve Been Around (Black Tie White Noise)
  90. You Will Set The World On Fire (The Next Day)
  91. Letter To Hermione (Space Oddity)
  92. Slow Burn (Heathen)
  93. The Prettiest Star (7-inch version)
  94. Boss of Me (The Next Day)
  95. Seven Years In Tibet (Earthling)
  96. I’m Deranged (Outside)
  97. Because You’re Young (Scary Monsters)
  98. Girl Loves Me (Blackstar)
  99. Always Crashing in the Same Car (Low)
  100. The Next Day (The Next Day)
  101. Little Wonder (Earthling)
  102. Outside (Outside)
  103. Beat of Your Drum (Never Let Me Down)
  104. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Hours…)
  105. Look Back in Anger (Lodger)
  106. Slip Away (Heathen)
  107. Teenage Wildlife (Scary Monsters)
  108. Black Out (Heroes)
  109. John I’m Only Dancing, Again (7-inch)
  110. Magic Dance (Labyrinth)
  111. When I Live My Dream (David Bowie)

The 111 Best New Order Songs

In these lists, the order is always arbitrary.  If I were to publish this list every day…every day there’d be a new order.  And I’d look back at the old order and wonder what the heck was I thinking.  The old order is nowhere as good as the new order.  But I’m not going to do that.  I’m going with one order, it’s not a new order, it’s not an old order, it’s the only order.  But if you don’t like my order and prefer a new order then just hit random and you can have your New Order in any order you want.

Here are the 111 Best New Order Songs:

  1. Bizarre Love Triangle (Brotherhood)
  2. Regret (Republic)
  3. Sub-Culture (Low-Life)
  4. True Faith (Substance)
  5. Broken Promise (Brotherhood)
  6. Love Vigilantes (Low-Life)
  7. The Perfect Kiss (Low-Life)
  8. Round & Round (Technique)
  9. Shellshock (Pretty In Pink)
  10. All The Way (Technique)
  11. World (Republic)
  12. Here To Stay (24 Hour Party People)
  13. 1963 (Substance)
  14. State of the Nation (Substance)
  15. Sooner Than You Think (Low-Life)
  16. Mr. Disco (Technique)
  17. World in Motion (World In Motion)
  18. Dream Attack (Technique)
  19. Thieves Like Us (Substance)
  20. I’ll Stay With You (Lost Sirens)
  21. Sunrise (Low-Life)
  22. Vanishing Point (Technique)
  23. Paradise (Brotherhood)
  24. This Time of Night (Low-Life)
  25. Touched By The Hand of God (Salvation Soundtrack)
  26. Age of Consent (Power, Corruption, & Lies)
  27. Waiting For The Siren’s Call (Waiting For The Siren’s Call)
  28. Blue Monday (Power, Corruption & Lies)
  29. Crystal (Get Ready)
  30. Temptation (1981-1982)
  31. Face Up (Low-Life)
  32. Confusion (Substance)
  33. Dreams Never End (Movement)
  34. Way of Life (Brotherhood)
  35. Close Range (Get Ready)
  36. Weirdo (Brotherhood)
  37. Ceremony (Substance)
  38. Elegia (Low-Life)
  39. Hey Now What You Doing (Waiting For The Siren’s Call)
  40. Primitive Notion (Get Ready)
  41. Guilty Partner (Technique)
  42. Dracula’s Castle (Waiting For The Siren’s Call)
  43. Liar (Republic)
  44. Turn (Waiting For The Siren’s Call)
  45. Love Less (Technique)
  46. Special (Republic)
  47. Turn My Way (Get Ready)
  48. Krafty (Waiting For The Siren’s Call)
  49. Guilt Is A Useless Emotion (Waiting For The Siren’s Call)
  50. Sugarcane (Lost Sirens)
  51. Who’s Joe? (Waiting For The Siren’s Call)
  52. Times Change (Republic)
  53. Vicious Streak (Get Ready)
  54. All Day Long (Brotherhood)
  55. Angel Dust (Brotherhood)
  56. Spooky (Republic)
  57. Procession (1981-1982)
  58. Run (Technique)
  59. Such A Good Thing (World In Motion)
  60. Everything’s Gone Green (1981-1982)
  61. Ruined in A Day (Republic)
  62. The Village (Power, Corruption, & Lies)
  63. Best & Marsh (Technique Collector’s Edition)
  64. Cries and Whispers (Power, Corruption & Lies Collector’s Edition)
  65. Brutal (The Beach)
  66. 60 Miles An Hour (Get Ready)
  67. Jetstream (Waiting For The Siren’s Call)
  68. Let’s Go (Best of New Order)
  69. Someone Like You (Get Ready)
  70. Fine Time (Technique)
  71. Hellbent (Lost Sirens)
  72. Morning Night And Day (Waiting For The Siren’s Call)
  73. Leave Me Alone (Power, Corruption & Lies)
  74. As It Is When It Was (Brotherhood)
  75. Your Silent Face (Power, Corruption & Lies)
  76. Young Offender (Republic)
  77. Denial (Movement)
  78. Ecstasy (Power, Corruption & Lies)
  79. Chosen Time (Movement)
  80. California Grass (Lost Sirens)
  81. Truth (Movement)
  82. We All Stand (Power, Corruption, & Lies)
  83. Recoil (Lost Sirens)
  84. Don’t Do It (Technique Collector’s Edition)
  85. I’ve Got A Feeling (Lost Sirens)
  86. The Him (Movement)
  87. Sabotage (Get Ready B-Side)
  88. Sister Ray (BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert)
  89. Lonesome Tonight (Substance)
  90. Mesh (1981-1982)
  91. I Told You So (Waiting For The Siren’s Call)
  92. Everyone Everywhere (Republic)
  93. Doubts Even Here (Movement)
  94. Behind Closed Doors (Get Ready B-Side)
  95. Chemical (Republic)
  96. In A Lonely Place (Substance)
  97. Ultraviolence (Power, Corruption & Lies)
  98. Slow Jam (Get Ready)
  99. Every Little Counts (Brotherhood)
  100. Hurt (1981-1982)
  101. Shake It Up (Lost Sirens)
  102. ICB (Movement)
  103. Too Late (Peel Sessions)
  104. Video 5-8-6 (Single)
  105. Rock The Shack (Get Ready)
  106. Senses (Movement)
  107. MTO (Run 2 B-Side)
  108. Turn The Heater On (Peel Sessions)
  109. Murder (Substance)
  110. Vietnam (War Child)
  111. Salvation Theme (Salvation Soundtrack)


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The Best September 2015 Playlist This Month


September has always had that schizophrenic nature of being placed in the middle of the year, yet it’s the month that represents the beginning of many new things in our culture.  September is the month that a new school year begins, it’s the month when TV shows begin their new season and new TV shows debut, and it’s the beginning of the award season for Golden Globes, Oscars and Grammys. It’s also the time of the year when record labels begin releasing their biggest albums of the year, gearing up for the holiday season.  There are more new album releases in the first two weeks of September than in July and August combined.  (I just made that up but it sounds accurate.)  To kick off this new start as we head into the end of the year, I’ve concocted a playlist for such a time.  I’ve chosen a wide variety of music from old artists, new artists, rock to hip-hop to dance and everything in between.  Some of these are new songs to debut this month, others are from albums that will be released in the coming weeks.  Sit back, enjoy, while watching the new NFL season.

The Best September 2015 Playlist This Month:

  1. The Arcs – Outta Of My Mind
  2. New Order – Restless
  3. Neon Indian – Annie
  4. Disclosure – Willing & Able
  5. The Weeknd – In The Night
  6. Small Black – No One Wants It To Happen To You
  7. Big Grams – Fell In The Sun
  8. The Libertines – Gunga Din
  9. The Dead Weather – I Feel Love
  10. Silversun Pickups – Nightlight
  11. Chris Cornell – Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart
  12. Metric – The Shade
  13. Empress Of – How Do You Do It
  14. Baio – The Names
  15. CHVRCHES – Leave A Trace
  16. Mac Miller – 100 Grandkids
  17. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Downtown
  18. Craig Finn – Maggie I’ve Been Searching For Our Son
  19. HONNE – No Place Like Home
  20. Lana Del Rey – High By The Beach
  21. Glen Hansard – Lonely Deserter