The 111 Best Songs By Garbage

It was a challenge to get to 111…there are a couple of stretches to get there but we made it.

Here are the 111 Best Songs By Garbage:

  1. Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage)
  2. Vow (Garbage)
  3. The Trick Is To Keep Breathing (Version 2.0)
  4. I Think I’m Paranoid (Version 2.0)
  5. Push It (Version 2.0)
  6. Medication (Version 2.0)
  7. When I Grow Up (Version 2.0)
  8. Queer (Garbage)
  9. Temptation Waits (Version 2.0)
  10. Androgyny (Beautiful Garbage)
  11. Supervixen (Garbage)
  12. Special (Version 2.0)
  13. Control (Not Your Kind Of People)
  14. Cup of Coffee (Beautiful Garbage)
  15. Stupid Girl (Garbage)
  16. Shut Your Mouth (Beautiful Garbage)
  17. Milk (Garbage)
  18. The World Is Not Enough (WINE Soundtrack)
  19. Parade (Beautiful Garbage)
  20. Sleep Together (Version 2.0)
  21. My Lover’s Box (Garbage)
  22. Soldier Through This (You Look So Fine)
  23. A Stroke of Luck (Garbage)
  24. You Look So Fine  (Version 2.0)
  25. Breaking Up The Girl (Beautiful Garbage)
  26. Thirteen (Push It)
  27. Dumb (Version 2.0)
  28. Battle In Me (Not Your Kind Of People)
  29. Sleep (Only Happy When It Rains)
  30. Kick My Ass (Sweet Relief II)
  31. Girl Don’t Come (Only Happy When It Rains)
  32. Bleed Like Me (Bleed Like Me)
  33. #1 Crush (Vow)
  34. Silence Is Golden (Beautiful Garbage)
  35. Run Baby Run (Bleed Like Me)
  36. I Hate Love (Not Your Kind Of People)
  37. Can’t Seem To Make You Mine (When I Grow Up)
  38. Dog New Tricks (Garbage)
  39. I Just Wanna Have Something To Do (Why Do You Love Me)
  40. Man on a Wire (Not Your Kind Of People)
  41. Sugar (Not Your Kind Of People)
  42. Tell Me Where It Hurts (Absolute Garbage)
  43. Because The Night (Because The Night)
  44. Blood For Poppies (Not Your Kind Of People)
  45. It’s All Over But The Crying (Bleed Like Me)
  46. Felt (Not Your Kind Of People)
  47. Drive You Home (Beautiful Garbage)
  48. The Chemicals (The Chemicals)
  49. Big Bright World (Not Your Kind Of People)
  50. Cherry Lips (Beautiful Garbage)
  51. Hammering In My Head (Version 2.0)
  52. Nobody Loves You (Beautiful Garbage)
  53. Boys Wanna Fight (Bleed Like Me)
  54. Girls Talk (Girls Talk)
  55. Wicked Ways (Version 2.0)
  56. What Girls Are Made Of (Not Your Kind Of People Deluxe Edition)
  57. Untouchable (Beautiful Garbage)
  58. Trip My Wire (Queer)
  59. Fix Me Now (Garbage)
  60. Use Me (Cherry Lips)
  61. Automatic Systematic Habit (Not Your Kind Of People)
  62. Afterglow (I Think I’m Paranoid)
  63. Right Between The Eyes (Bleed Like Me)
  64. Not Your Kind Of People (Not Your Kind Of People)
  65. The One (Not Your Kind Of People Deluxe Edition)
  66. Why Do Love Me (Bleed Like Me)
  67. Beloved Freak (Not Your Kind Of People)
  68. So Like A Rose (Beautiful Garbage)
  69. Never Be Free (Sex Is Not The Enemy)
  70. Bad Boyfriend (Bleed Like Me)
  71. Candy Says (Breaking Up The Girl)
  72. Metal Heart (Bleed Like Me)
  73. Begging Bone (Androgyny)
  74. Happy Home (Bleed Like Me)
  75. Why Don’t You Come Over (Bleed Like Me)
  76. Til The Day I Die (Beautiful Garbage)
  77. The Hunger (Prometheus Bound Soundtrack)
  78. Deadwood (I Think I’m Paranoid)
  79. Can’t Cry These Tears (Beautiful Garbage)
  80. Lick The Pavement (Push It)
  81. Show Me (Not Your Kind Of People Deluxe Edition)
  82. April Tenth (Shut Your Mouth)
  83. Sex Is Not The Enemy (Bleed Like Me)
  84. Subhuman (Vow)
  85. Dark Hearts and Heart Beats (Dark Hearts Soundtrack)
  86. As Heaven Is Wide (Garbage)
  87. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Ahk-toong Bay-bi Covered)
  88. Confidence (Breaking Up The Girl)
  89. Driving Lesson (Stupid Girl)
  90. Love Like Suicide (Not Your Kind Of People Japanese Edition)
  91. Enough Is Never Enough (Cherry Lips)
  92. Not My Idea (Garbage)
  93. Nobody Can Win (Why Do You Love Me)
  94. Betcha (Tell Me Where It Hurts B-side)
  95. Badass (Run Baby Run)
  96. 13 x Forever (Special)
  97. Wild Horses (Shut Your Mouth)
  98. Honeybee (Sex Is Not The Enemy)
  99. Time Will Destroy Everything (Girls Talk)
  100. Bright Tonight (Not Your Kind Of People Deluxe Edition)
  101. All The Good In Life (Tell Me Where It Hurts B-side)
  102. On Fire (The Chemicals)
  103. Space Can Come Through Anyone (Why Do You Love Me)
  104. Sex Never Goes Out Of Fashion (Shut Your Mouth)
  105. Witness To Your Love (Give.Listen.Help)
  106. Get Busy With The Fizzy (You Look So Fine)
  107. Alien Sex Fiend (Stupid Girl)
  108. Butterfly Collector (Queer)
  109. Happiness Pt. 2 (Breaking Up The Girl)
  110. Tornado (When I Grow Up)
  111. I’m Really Into Techno (Shut Your Mouth)


The 11 Best Releases For Record Store Day

I picked up so much vinyl this year…I’m not even sure how I’m going to pay rent.  And isn’t that what good music is about?  Living in a van…down by the river.  There wasn’t a release this year that I went in excited about…but I came out loving almost everything I purchased.  I’ve had the chance to listen to most of my purchases and have heard a lot of other stuff.  And the Calexico album…best release of the year…Period.

It was a crazy day…and I’m still reeling from it.  Some say Record store Day is Christmas for music fans.  It’s better than Christmas…because on Record Store Day you get exactly what you want.

To celebrate such a momentousness day and with nearly 400 releases…there’s no way to condense it down to a mere 11.  Instead, I’ve created 3 lists to give light on some on a lot of the material that you may have missed.  And by the way, many record stores still have a lot of product…so if there’s something that was sold out at one store…I’d check out the store down the street…just in case.

Here are the 11 Best Record Store Day 7-inches:

  1. Pornography (Ryan Adams)  – 7 Minutes in Heaven
  2. Elliott Smith – Either/Or Demos 
  3. Pink Floyd – See Emily Play
  4. David Bowie – Drive-In Saturday Night
  5. Hold Steady – Criminal Fingers
  6. The Black Keys/Iggy & The Stooges – No Fun
  7. Gram Parsons & The Fallen Angels – Live 1973
  8. Old 97s & Waylon Jennings – Double Set
  9. Superchunk – Void 
  10. Iron & Wine – Next To Paradise
  11. Husker Du – Amusement

Here are the 11 Best Record Store Day Reissues:

  1. Orange Juice – Rip It Up
  2. Porno For Pyros – Porno For Pyros (splatter vinyl)
  3. White Stripes – Elephant (red, white and black vinyl)
  4. At The Drive-In – Relationship in Command
  5. Braid – Frame and Canvas
  6. The Roots – Things Fall Apart
  7. The Band – The Last Waltz
  8. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts (yellow vinyl)
  9. Blind Melon – Blind Melon
  10. Built To Spill – Live
  11. The Zombies – The Zombies

Here are the 11 Best Record Store Day Releases:

  1. Calexico – Spiritoso
  2. Stephen Malkmus – Ege Bamyasi
  3. A Place To Bury Strangers – Strange Moon
  4. Soundgarden – King Animal Demos
  5. Garbage – Because the Night
  6. Willie Nelson – Crazy Demo Sessions
  7. G. Love and Jack Johnson – Bloodshot & Blue
  8. Mumford and Sons – Live At Bull Moose
  9. Grouplove/Manchester Orchestra/Frightened Rabbit – Make It To Me
  10. Big Star – Nothing Can Hurt Me
  11. Deftones – Live: Volume 1


The 11 Best Bands Who Have Never Played Coachella

There’s something sadly thrilling about getting to sit in front of my computer and watch Coachells unfold before me without paying hundreds of dollars, enduring crazy temperatures, dust, dirt, and douche bags.  Right now I’m flipping back and forth between New Order and Phoenix.  I couldn’t do that at the festival…I would have to choose…currently, I’m winning.  Because at home, I get both.

While enjoying Coachella from the comfort of my home, I started to realize how many bands have never played the festival…some that I’m actually shocked.  Some I thought for sure had played only to find out they had never made the journey to Indio. (Journey being one of them)  Below is a list of the best bands that have never played Coachella.  I have only chosen bands that are still together.  Reunions…well, that’s really for another list…so, check in tomorrow for that list.

Here are the 11 Best Bands Who Have Never Played Coachella & Should (that are still together):

  1. U2
  2. Pearl Jam
  3. Ryan Adams
  4. Fiona Apple
  5. Tori Amos
  6. Royksopp
  7. Iron & Wine
  8. Burial
  9. Morcheeba
  10. Sufjan Stevens
  11. Garbage