The 11 Best Albums By Pearl Jam Members

It’s been three years since our last Pearl Jam album, but that hasn’t stopped the members from keeping productive.  This year alone…there have been three side projects put out by the members of Pearl Jam.  Earlier this year we had a new Brad album, .  And just in the past month, there are two new side projects.  The first is by Jeff Ament and Joseph Arthur, called RNDM.  The second group…which is actually truly random…features Duff McKagan and Mike McCready, called Walking Papers.  Two decades ago, Duff and Mike represented two different worlds of popular music.  Duff was in one of the most heralded group of 80s heavy metal with Guns N Roses, while McCready and Pearl Jam were on the front lines of the alternative music that pretty much decimated 80s metal from mainstream.  Now, they are equals…both trying to stay relevant.  With both groups are perfect examples of whether musicians can be great on their own or they are really stronger as the sum of all parts.  RNDM tries to pull on the sound and style of the old Pearl Jam days…while Walking Papers tosses all that out the door, trying to establish their own sound.  Walking Papers have more in common with Phish or Rusted Root then they do with any of their previous bands. What do you think?

Here are the 11 Best Side Project Albums by Pearl Jam Members:

  1. Brad – Shame (1993)
  2. Mad Season – Above (1995)
  3. Brad – Interiors (1997)
  4. Eddie Vedder – Into The Wild (2007)
  5. The Rockfords – The Rockfords (2000)
  6. Jeff Ament – Tone (2008)
  7. Brad – Welcome to Discovery Park (2002)
  8. Eddie Vedder – Ukulele Songs (2011)
  9. Tres Mts. – Three Moutains (2011)
  10. Three Fish – The Quiet Table (1996)
  11. Stone Gossard – Bayleaf (2001)

Buy Jeff Ament’s side project RNDM’s new album Acts and Mike McCready’s new side project Walking Papers.