The 11 Best Covers By Nirvana

With this being Nirvana week…I wanted to try and do something special. 
Typically, I would do a “best of” list.  But that’s been done to death.  Or I would do a B-sides list.  But again…most of those have been released.  So what would be a unique list that might get everyone salivating?  Obviously unreleased material is always at the top of everyone’s list.  Now I could do a list of original songs that have never been released.  Some refined…some just fragments of songs.  But it seems almost typical.  So…how about a list showing where Nirvana came from…a list of what they listened to and made them what they were.  That’s right.  Covers.  Everyone loves covers.  And here’s a sampling of some of Nirvana’s best…worst…and just weird.
The 11 Best Nirvana Covers (you’ve never heard and not really in order):
2.  Bad Moon Rising (CCR)
3.  Seasons in the Sun (Terry Jacks)
4.  More Than A Feeling (Boston)
5.  Baba O’Reilly with Krist singing (The Who)
6.  Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie)
7.  The End (The Doors)
9.  Love Buzz (The Shocking Blue)
10.  Here She Comes Now (The Velvet Underground)
11.  Do You Love Me?  (Kiss)
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