The 11 Best Flavors of M&Ms

 The first time I did an Eminem post, I had a couple of MP3s linked.  They were live tracks.  Unavailable to buy anywhere.  The web police had my post removed, deleted, and destroyed.  So, the second time I did an Eminem post I didn’t add any MP3 links.  It was just a list.  And guess what?  It still got taken down.  As if just talking about Eminem was now illegal.  So here’s my third attempt.  Hopefully, this one last more than 24-hours.

 Here are the 11 Best Flavors of M&Ms:

 1.  Peanut M&Ms

2.  M&M Premium Triple Chocolate

3.  Peanut Butter M&Ms

4.  Dark Chocolate M&Ms

5.  Original

6.  M&M Premium Mint

7.  Almond M&Ms

8.  Crispy M&Ms

9.  Pretzel M&Ms

10.  Strawberried Peanut Butter Ms

11.  White Chocolate M&Ms

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