The 11 Best Little Boxes

 Happy Jew year!

 New season of TV coincides with the Jewish New Year. Coincindence? Showtime kicked it off early with the newest season of Weeds which has almost nothing to do with the show in the first season…but hey, what else are you going to watch…every thing good has been cancelled.

 Here are the 11 Best Little Boxes:

 1.  Elvis Costello

2.  Melvina Reynolds

3.  Man Man

4.  Jenny Lewis & Jonathan Rice

5.  Persephone’s Bees

6.  The Decemberists

7.  Rise Against

8.  Angelique Kidjo

9.  The Shins

10.  The Individuals

11.  Randy Newman

 Watch Weeds and buy Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice’s new album, I’m Having Fun Now.

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