The 11 Best Songs By blink-182

With the list of nominees up for this year’s Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction, the irresistible question about a possible Guns N Roses reunion has already sprung up.  I’ve talked about the GNR reunion in the past and although I was a huge fan of the original band…I’m not one who is expecting a reunion.  People just want a reunion because it’s nostalgic of the band they grew up with. But a new album or a new tour will never recapture the magic of the original journey.  Sure a RNR HOF performance would be neat to see…but it will be cool once…not a dozen times.  I just wish when ever it came to GNR news the media didn’t always obsess about a possible reunion.  It’s like their hypothetical is more important than new music or the new band.

This past week, blink-182 reunited after what seemed like a break-up that would never heal.  Granted it took a freaking plane crash to bring them back together.  I mean, how weird is it that Travis Barker is the sole survivor of a plane crash?  Basically, that’s about what would need to happen for a GNR reunion to take place….dozens of people would need to die in a horrific accident just to make the band members realize they still need each other.

Here are the 11 Best Song by blink-182:

1.  Adam’s Song (Enema of the State)

2.  Stockholm Syndrome (Blink-182)

3.  What’s My Age Again? (Enema of the State)

4.  All Of This (Blink-182)

5.  Going Away To College (Enema of the State)

6.  Dammit (Dude Ranch)

7.  GO (Blink-182)

8.  Reckless Abandon (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket)

9.  All The Small Things (Enema of the State)

10.  Don’t Leave Me (Enema of the State)

11.  Anthem Part Two (Take Off Your Pants and Jacket)

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