The 11 Best Songs By Bullet For My Valentine

I don’t know why but a lot of friends think I should be a Bullet For My Valentine fan.  I like metal but I don’t listen to it that much.  Maybe it’s because I like Metallica. That’s the way they try to sell me on it…they claim BFMV is this generation’s Metallica.  I guess they’re right if they mean to say that they’re an emo version of Metallica.  I guess it could be worse.  They could be an American Idol vesion of Metallica. 

 The band actually has moments.  At times I found their b-sides and bonus tracks more enjoyable than the actual album tracks.  Especially the acoustic versions of their songs and the covers.  Check out their version of Robert Tepper’s No Easy Way Out (theme song from Rocky 4) or Metallica’s Creeping Death.

 Here are the 11 best songs by Bullet For My Valentine:

 1.  Tears Don’t Fall (The Poison)

2.  Eye of the Storm (Scream Aim Fire)

3.  Hearts Burst Into Fire (Scream Aim Fire)

4.  No Easy Way Out (Scream Aim Fire Deluxe version)

5.  The End (The Poison)

6.  Last To Know (Scream Aim Fire)

7.  Take It Out On Me (Scream Aim Fire)

8.  Cries In Vain (The Poison)

9.  Her Voice Resides (The Poison)

10.  Ashes of the Innocent (Scream Aim Fire Deluxe version)

11.  Creeping Death (Scream Aim Fire Deluxe version)

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