The 11 Best Songs By Cake

I watched Social Network last night.  A great film and an excellent script even though Aaron Sorkin is a bit of an asshole.  One issue that struck me the most is how the character of Sean Parker kept bragging about bringing down the music industry.  That Napster ruined the music industry.  Is this how history is going to be written?  Is this now the forgone conclusion?  Did Napster and illegal downloading ruin the music industry or is this concept a old wives tale?

If you have been reading this blog for the past few years…you will know how I completely disagree that the MP3s have brought down the music industry.  If anything, the music industry brought itself down…and they just needed a scapegoat.  They been pushing mediocre pop music…and complained that no one buys it because it’s being illegally downloaded. Not ever thinking that maybe no one likes the music.   They stopped marketing rock music…then complain that no buys it.  Maybe no one buys it because no one knows it’s out there.  Everyone keeps saying it’s a pop world now.  Rock is dead.  They are wrong.  Rock is still king.  Rock still outsells pop.

Tomorrow I will unveil a shocking statistic that will undeniably prove that pop has not taken over…and that rock is not dead…in fact…rock is still number one.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Cake:

1.  Take It All Away (Pressure Chief)

2.  I Will Survive (Fashion Nugget)

3.  Commissioning a Symphony in C (Comfort Eagle)

4.  Never There (Prolonging The Magic)

5.  Frank Sinatra (Fashion Nugget)

6.  Friend is a Four Letter World (Fashion Nugget)

7.  Let Me Go (Prolonging the Magic)

8.  Rock N Roll Lifestyle (Motorcade of Generosity)

9.  Never Gonna Give You Up (Friend is a Four Letter Word)

10.  Short Skirt Long Jacket (Comfort Eagle)

11.  The Distance (Fashion Nugget)

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