The 11 Best Songs By Crowded House

 This week I went out to dinner with my daughters, and their little cousins.  We went to the culinary palace known as Islands.  It was packed.  Lots of kids.  But there was one couple across from us who were trying to have a romantic dinner and kept scowling at us all night.  It’s Island’s, you morons.  If you want romance, fork out a couple more bucks for a place that doesn’t have kids’ menu.  You should know better.   My biggest issue with the place was the service.  Our waiter was non-existant.  We asked for water, he brought us npakins twenty minutes later.  We asked for water, we got our apps.  We asked for water, we got our meals.  I didn’t get my glass of water until halfway through my burger.  We never got our booster seats.  And though the waiter was nice and friendly, he wasn’t very good.  It made me wonder.  Do restaurants ever make their employees play the game Diner Dash.  That game is brilliant.  I played it for weeks…after that I could waiter like nobody’s business.  Watch out for screaming kids…water spills…don’t make fat people wait for their food…and don’t make lesbians wait for their checks (that’s in the game).  It’s the perfect training device.  There’s no way anyone who masters this game wouldn’t improve their waiting skills.  That said, why don’t restaurants do this?  Maybe they’re going for the wet floor, screaming kid, pissy lesbian ambience.

 Here are the 11 Best Songs By Crowded House:

 1.  Don’t Dream It’s Over (Crowded House)

2.  Weather With You (Woodface)

3.  World Where You Live (Crowded House) 

4.  Distant Sun (Together Alone)

5.  Something So Strong (Crowded House)

6.  Fall At Your Feet (Woodface)

7.  Four Seasons In One Day (Woodface)

8.  I Feel Possessed (Temple of Low Men)

9.  Say That Again (Time On Earth)

10.  Recurring Dream (Afterglow)

11.  Transit Lounge (Time On Earth)

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