The 11 Best Songs By deadmau5

Fun Fact: Jay Gordon, lead singer of the band Orgy, gave Deadmau5 the idea of wearing a giant mouse head during his live stage shows.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By deadmau5:

  1. Ghosts N Stuff (For Lack Of a Better Name)
  2. Animal Rights (4×4=12)
  3. I Remember (Random Album Title)
  4. Channel 42 ( > album title goes here < )
  5. The Veldt ( > album title goes here < )
  6. Some Chords (4×4=12)
  7. Aural Psynapse (Aural Psynapse )
  8. Raise Your Weapon (4×4=12)
  9. Strobe (For Lack Of a Better Name)
  10. Intelstat (Get Scraped)
  11. Faxing Berlin (Random Album Title)

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