The 11 Best Songs By Gomez

If you read this blog you know that I really respect bands who try to evolve rather stay stuck in the same groove over and over.  Gomez is one of those bands that’s been evolving from day one.  Even on their debut, I remember friends initially discouraged by them because they thought the band was struggling to find their sound.  But they weren’t struggling at all, their revolving style was their signature sound.  In the 90s, when Brit pop was defined by a bunch of bands trying to water down the Beatles…Gomez took what was expected of their genre and turned it upside-down.  Seven albums later, the band has consistently re-invented themselves making their chaotic evolution their niche.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Gomez:

1.  Silence (Split The Difference)

2.  Shot Shot (In Our Gun)

3.  How We Operate (How We Operate)

4.  Win Park Slope (New Tide)

5.  Buena Vista (Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline)

6.  Whipping Picadilly (Bring It On)

7.  Bone Tired (New Tide)

8.  Rie’s Wagon (Bring It On)

9.  Get Myself Arrested (Bring It On)

10.  Revolutionary Kind (Liquid Sun)

11.  Hamoa Beach (How We Operate)

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