The 11 Best Songs By LCD Soundsystem

As I walked around Border’s this weekend, picking leftover books off their shelves during their going-out-of-business sale, a chilling thought crossed my mind…where am I going to buy books?  I rarely went to book stores with specific titles in mind.  I only went with a general idea of something I wanted.  I wanted to enjoy browsing all the different titles and coming home with something new and unique.  But even if I wanted something specific…where will I get it?  Amazon?  Sure…but what if I want it today and not in 3 days?  That’s doable…but not efficient.  Target?  Target carries less book titles than CDs.  Last time I was there, they dedicated an entire shelf to Sarah Palin and another shelf to Snooki’s new book.  That left one shelf to the rest of their titles.  That’s just sad.  I could use a kindle and download it…but like I said…most of the stuff I bought did not come from knowing exactly what I wanted.  It came from reading a book jacket…looking at the cover…reading some pages here and there.  That experience is now gone.  Completely.

We also say goodbye to LCD Soundsystem this week.  Though equating their loss to the loss of the book industry isn’t really fair.  But there are some similarities.  It is time to say goodbye to an artist that was totally uncompromising in their musical expression.  They had no label to tell them what to do…because James Murphy, who basically is the whole band, also owns his band’s record label.  They had complete freedom to do what they want and had no one to tell them what to do.  Very few bands if any will have that freedom to do what they want.  Like the freedom we had walking around in a book store, freedom to express yourself musically is disappearing fast.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By LCD Soundsystem:

1. Tribulations (LCD Soundsystem)

2. Someone Great (Sound of Silver)

3. All My Friends (Sound of Silver)

4. Daft Punk Is Playing in My House (LCD Soundsystem)
5. All I Want (This Is Happening)
6. I Can Change (This Is Happening)
7. Great Release (LCD Soundsystem)
8. North America Scum (Sound of Silver)
9. Losing My Edge (Non-Album Single)10. You Wanted A Hit (This Is Happening)
11. 45:33 (45:33)

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