The 11 Best Songs By LCD Soundsystem



I bought myself a new record player this weekend.  I had one which fizzed out a few years ago…and never bothered to replace it.  Didn’t think I needed to.  But after spending most of the day listening to my vinyl collection, I’m once again hooked.  It is true that a brand new vinyl played on by a brand new stylus is better quality than a CD.  And it’s true that 90% of the people who listen to both won’t hear the difference.  I try to describe it to people like the difference between pan&scan and letterbox…but even more slight.

There is something undeniable that vinyl has that CDs and digital are missing.  It’s called dedication.  Listening to a record requires attention.  Listening to a CD or digital…you can skip around…listen to part of a song…you barely ever absorb an artist’s intention to make an album.  With a record, you can’t escape it.  A record creates a connection between an artist and a listener that doesn’t exist with any other medium.  I miss records.  And I’m glad to be back in the game.

Here is the 11 Best Songs By LCD Soundsystem:

1.  Someone Great (Sound of Silver)

2.  Tribulations (LCD Soundsystem)

3.  Losing My Edge (Non-Album Single)

4.  Daft Punk Is Playing in My House (LCD Soundsystem)

5.  All My Friends (Sound of Silver)

6.  Time To Get Away (Sound of Silver)

7.  Great Release (LCD Soundsystem)

8.  North America Scum (Sound of Silver)

9.  45:33 (45:33)

10.  Disco Infiltrator (LCD Soundsystem)

11.  Jump Into The Fire (B-Side)

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