The 11 Best Songs By Linkin Park

 Fun Fact:  Linkin Park was turned down by Warner Bros. records three times before being signed to the label in 1999.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Linkin Park:

  1. Numb/Encore (Collision Course)
  2. In The End (Hybrid Theory)
  3. Crawling (Hybrid Theory)
  4. Faint (Meteroa)
  5. Burn It Down (Living Things)
  6. Runaway (Hybrid Theory)
  7. Don’t Stay (Meteroa)
  8. No More Sorrow (Minutes To Midnight)
  9. Pushing Me Away (Hybrid Theory)
  10. From The Inside (Meteroa)
  11. In Pieces (Minutes To Midnight)

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