The 11 Best Songs By Martin L. Gore

The first weekend of March Madness is over.  For an avid fan like myself, this consumed my week.  That would explain the lack of updates because Sunday night is the first moment I have to breathe in the week.  There are many things to talk about that happened this week, in all things madness, but the one that still sticks out the most, is the play-in games.  There is nothing more completely unnecessary than these ridiculous play-in games that are more of a nuisance than an enhancement.  Nobody cares who is playing in them.  Nobody (outside of the teams playing) cares who wins.  They only thing anyone does care about is how quickly the games can be over so we know how to fill out our brackets.  These games are a perfect example of how sometimes people at the top misunderstand what the fans actually want.  Just because we want our teams to make the tournament…doesn’t mean the tournament should widen its boundaries to include everybody.  If you do that…it makes the tournament less special…and people care less about making it in the first place.  Sometimes, just because we wish for it…doesn’t mean we actually want it.  The fantasy is always better than the reality.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Martin L. Gore:

  1. Compulsion (Counterfeit)
  2. Gone (Counterfeit)
  3. I Cast A Lonely Shadow (Counterfeit 2)
  4. Life Is Strange (Stardust)
  5. In My Other World (Counterfeit 2)
  6. Candy Says (Counterfeit 2)
  7. Left Hand Luke (Stardust)
  8. Coming Back to You (Tower of Song)
  9. In A Manner of Speaking (Counterfeit)
  10. Loverman (Counterfeit 2)
  11. Stardust (Counterfeit 2)
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