The 11 Best Songs By Pete Yorn

Last night I saw the Black Keys at the Hollywood Palladium.  I thought it was interesting that two years ago, when their Danger Mouse produced album, Attack & Releases, was…uh…released, it was poised as their big breakthrough effort.  Yet last night, they only re-visisted that album for a single song.  The Black Keys are a very unrestrained band and Danger Mouse employs a very restrained sound.  Maybe that just didn’t translate live to their frantic, loud, and explosive show.  Maybe that’s not what the band wants to sound like…or is supposed to sound like.

Fusing two talents together can have great results.  Like Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama.  But  that can also produce worried music.  Just ask Chris Cornell about his R&B album.

 Frank Black of Pixies fame, produces Yorn’s newest album, sure to bring a unbridled raw energy.  Whether it’s good or not, that alone merits an focused listen.

 Here are the 11 Best Songs By Pete Yorn (solo):

 1. Lose You (Music For The Morning After)

 2. Strange Condition (Music For The Morning After)

 3. Murray (Music For The Morning After)

 4. Undercover (Nightcrawler)

 5. For Nancy (Music For The Morning After)

 6. Splendid Isolation (Nightcrawler)

 7. Committed (The Day I Forgot)

 8. Life On A Chain (Music For The Morning After)

 9. Crystal Village (The Day I Forgot)

 10. China Girl (B-Side)

 11. Paradise Cove (Back & Forth)

 Buy Pete Yorn’s new self-titled album, Pete Yorn…now!!!