The 11 Best Songs By Pete Yorn

Music For the Morning After rocked.  And as the years pass…and more Pete Yorn albums come out…it makes me appreciate his debut release even more.  MFTMA is easily one of the best albums of the decade (yeah…it’s time to start thinking about that)…so how come Petey never came close to following it up with something equivalent?  It wasn’t like it was a Diamond-selling chart -topping masterpiece.  But it did what albums are supposed to do.  It created a following.  I discovered it because a friend told me about it.  She heard about it from a friend that told her about it.  I told a friend about it, who told someone else (I actually turned at least 5 people onto the record).  Maybe this kind of fanbase is harder to appease.  When you’re Green Day or Coldplay…people kiss your ass.  When you’re still a nobody…people want you to kiss their ass.  And maybe that’s not Pete’s style.  And look where it got him…he gets to hang out with Scarlett Johansson.  So I guess he wins…
The 11 Best Songs By Pete Yorn:
1.  Strange Condition (Music For The Morning After)
2.  Lose You (Music For The Morning After)
3.  Murray (Music For The Morning After)
4.  Undercover (Nightcrawler)
5.  Crystal Village (The Day I Forgot)
6.  For Nancy (Music For The Morning After)
7.  Splendid Isolation (Nightcrawler)
8.  Life On A Chain (Music For The Morning After)
9.  Committed (The Day I Forgot)
10.  EZ (Music For The Morning After)
11.  China Girl (B-Side)
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