The 11 Best Songs By Peter Gabriel

It was never my intention to do a posting on Peter Gabriel.  I like PG.  I was a big fan of So.  But he lost me recently when he spent a good decade trying to teach monkeys how to play music.  I swear.

I had no intention of even getting the new album.  Except that an album of covers, including modern takes on Bon Iver and Radiohead, peaked my curiousity.  So I “downloaded” the album.  I wasn’t going to buy it.  But I wanted to hear it.  And you know what…it’s good.  It’s not comeback worthy…but it’s strong enough to remind us why we thought he was great in the first place.  Because I liked the album so much, I felt compelled to do a posting for Pete.  Not only to look back at his unique career…but to tell people to go out and buy the album.  It’s worth it.  Now, I wasn’t planning to buy the album…but if this post gets one person to go out and buy it…then illegal downloading actually just increased his album sales.  How do you like them apples?  Or in Pete’s case, how do you like them bananas?

The 11 Best Songs By Peter Gabriel:

1. In Your Eyes (So)
2. Red Rain (So)
3. Solsbury Hill (Car)
4. Don’t Give Up (So)
5. Games Without Frontiers (Melt)
6. Steam (Us)
7. Animal Magic (Scratch)
8. That Voice Again (So)
9. Digging in the Dirt (Us)
11. Sledgehammer (So)

Buy Peter Gabriel’s new album of covers, Scratch My Back now!!