The 11 Best Songs By Regina Spektor

Sigur Ros loses out this week.  Their new album (Valtari) was the album I was most excited to hear this summer season and turns it might be the biggest let down of the year.  On their last album, the Icelanders took a giant step forward, crafting some of the best work of their career.  Everyone thought this was a sure sign that they were headed for Radiohead-like Godness.  And when I say everyone…I mean me.  This new album is anything but bold…it’s anything but daring…it’s so safe…it’s pathetic.  Basically, the band has made an hour long lullaby that even Explosions in the Sky would find tame.  What’s worse is I bought the album on CD, spending almost $12 after tax.  Had I opted to buy it on line…I could have spent only $4.99 and downloaded 2 bonus tracks.  That’s just ass.  I spent almost twice as much money for a nice package (it was weak) for a great new album (it is not) and I get rewarded by getting the version of the album with two less tracks.  I’m not even sure what I understand the record company is trying to pull with this one.

That said…I don’t suggest the new Sigur Ros.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Regina Spektor:

  1. On the Radio (Begin To Hope)
  2. Laughing With (FAR)
  3. Fidelity (Begin To Hope)
  4. Eet (FAR)
  5. The Calculation (FAR)
  6. Braille (11:11)
  7. Hotel Song (Begin To Hope)
  8. Blue Lips (FAR)
  9. Better (Begin To Hope)
  10. Us (Soviet Kitsch)
  11. Folding Chairs (FAR)
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