The 11 Best Songs By Royksopp

Fun Fact:  The band’s debut album, Melody AM, has sold more copies in just the UK than the rest of their albums have sold worldwide…combined!

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Royksopp:

  1. What Else Is There? (The Understanding)
  2. Remind Me (Melody A.M.)
  3. Circuit Breaker (The Understanding)
  4. Poor Leno (Melody A.M.)
  5. Eple (Melody A.M.)
  6. Only This Moment (The Understanding)
  7. Running To The Sea (Single)
  8. Royksopp Forever (Junior)
  9. Royksopp’s Night Out (Melody A.M.)
  10. Someone Like Me (The Understanding)
  11. Vision One (Junior)

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