The 11 Best Songs By Samiam

Punk bands were never supposed to get old.  When I was a kid, the whole point of listening to punk rock was to reject the big name dinosaurs making rock music.  Those guys in their forties had no idea what they were doing.  We listened to punk rock because it was louder, smarter, and better than any of that mainstream shill. Twenty years later, punk bands are not only in their forties, they’re hitting their fifties.  And now they’ve become the dinosaurs they rebelled against.  What amazes me most about punk, it’s not about age, it’s about attitude.  No longer are dinosaurs making mainstream rock music…it’s snot-nosed kids equipped with a keyboard and auto-tune machine.  And still, with punk bands closer to social security than their high school years, they some how manage to continue to make rock music that is still louder, smarter, and better than any of that mainstream shill.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Samiam:

1.  Full On (You Are Freaking Me Out)

2.  Stepson (Clumsy)

3.  Capsized (Clumsy)

4.  If You Say So (You Are Freaking Me Out)

5.  Don’t Break Me (Billy)

6.  Super Brava (Ashtray)

7.  Slumbering (Soar)

8.  Take Care (Whatever’s Got You Down)

9.  Home Sweet Home (Samiam)

10.  As We’re Told (Clumsy)

11.  Regret (Billy)

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