The 11 Best Songs By The Black Keys


 Today marks an epic day in my childhood memories.  Both Empire Strikes Back AND Pac-Man turn 30 today.  It’s very hard to think of these two major institutions having such influence 30 years later…Star Wars is still as big as ever…and Pac-Man pretty much helped pave the wave for all great video games to come.  If you haven’t stopped by Google today.  I highly suggest you do for a quick trip down memory lane.

 Here are the 11 Best Songs By the Black Keys:

 1.  Set You Free (Thickfreakness)

2.  Strange Times (Attack and Release)

3.  I Got Mine (Attack and Release)

4.  10 A.M. Automatic (Rubber Factory)

5.  Things Ain’t Like They Used To Be (Attack and Release)

6.  I’ll Be Your Man (The Big Come Up)

7.  Midnight Her Eyes (Thickfreakness)

8.  So He Won’t Break (Attack and Release)

9.  Thickfreakness (Thickfreakness)

10.  Just Got to Be (Magic Potion)

11.  Hurt Like Mine (Thickfreakness)

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