The 11 Best Songs By The Red Hot Chili Peppers of the 00s

What interesting about the Chili Peppers that no other band can claim is that they they can replace the guitarist and not effect the overall chemistry of the band.  For all intensive purposes, the Chili Peppers are Flea, Anthony and Chad Smith.  No band has ever had the same amount of rotating lead guitarists as the Chili Peppers and remained a popular/relevant band.  Maybe Fleetwood Mac…  But even if that’s the only other band that might compare to the revolving door of musicians…that’s some damn good company to be in.  When I think of the Chili Peppers, for some reason, I always wonder if they will make it into the Rock N Roll hall of fame.  It never occurs to me that they’ve not only been around long enough to already be eligible to be in the HOF…they’ve actually already been admitted!  Even though the band has lost a bit of its street cred along the way…they’ve still managed to stay hip.  That’s something…not even Fleetwood Mac could do.

The 11 Best Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs of the 00s:

1.  Throw Away Your Television (By The Way)

2.  On Mercury (By The Way)

3.  Make You Feel Better (Stadium Arcadium Mars)

4.  Warlocks (Stadium Arcadium Jupiter)

5.  Storm In A Teacup (Stadium Arcadium Mars)

6.  Tell Me Baby (Stadium Arcadium Mars)

7.  By The Way (By The Way)

8.  Hard To Concentrate (Stadium Arcadium Mars)

9.  21st Centruy (Stadium Arcadium Mars)

10.  Rivers of Avalon (Zephyr Song)

11.  Minor Thing (By The Way)

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