The 11 Best Songs By The Sleepy Jackson

This NBA Finals (and Playoffs for that matter) haven’t been as compelling as originally billed…until tonight.  Game 6 was the game every NBA fan has been waiting for, getting better and better every minute as it unfolded before our eyes in spectacular fashion.  It had big comebacks, last second shots, prime-time dunks, overtime thrills, and “too many to count” clutch fade-away three pointers (shoes optional).  Ray Allen was huge but LeBron having to overcome his own roadblocks may have been bigger.  Miami is LeBron’s team.  Though at one time, he was Cleveland’s great hope…history will view him as a Heat.  I know a lot Cleveland fans still feel burned…that he should have stayed…but had he stayed, would he ever evolved?  Miami struggled the first couple years with LeBron.  It seemed the great experiment had failed.  But it was that humility that made him mature.  Sometimes we need to let go of our past to enter our future.

Luke Steele left behind cult darling The Sleepy Jackson for the poptastic Empire of the Sun.  Was it the right move?  Only the future knows.

The 11 Best Songs By The Sleepy Jackson:

  1. Rain Falls For Wind (Lovers)
  2. I Understand What You Want But I Just Don’t Agree (Personality)
  3. Don’t Stay (Personality)
  4. Acid In My Heart (Lovers)
  5. Come To This (Lovers)
  6. Devil Was In My Yard (Personality)
  7. Tell The Girls That I’m Not Hanging Out (Lovers)
  8. This Day (Lovers) 
  9. Play A Little Bit For Love (Personality)
  10. Good Dancers (The Sleepy Jackson)
  11. Sunglass Man (Miniskirt EP)

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