The 11 Best Songs By The White Stripes

This past decade, one band has managed to keep the Led Zeppelin torch lit: The White Stripes.  In an era where karaoke contests determined the next music sensation, the White Stripes stuck to the basics.  Their break-out release White Blood Cells was recorded on a 4-track.  Their follow-up, Elephant, was recorded for less than the crafts services table at a stage Britney Spears paparazzi shoot.  If you look at the best selling artists of all time, in the top 80, only 14 are pop artists…yet, 36 are rock.  Makes you wonder if the labels want to sell more music why they don’t want more music like the White Stripes around.

Unfortunately, the White Stripes have disbanded.  Here are some fun live recordings to say goodbye.

Here are the 11 Best White Stripes songs:

1. Seven Nation Army – Elephant

2. I Fell In Love With A Girl – White Blood Cells

3. Denial Twist – Get Behind Me Satan

4. I Can’t Wait – White Blood Cells

5. Black Math – Elephant

6. Ball & Biscuit – Elephant

7. Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise – De Stijl

8. A Martyr For My Love For You – Icky Thump

9. Hotel Yorba – White Blood Cells

10. We’re Going To Be Friends – White Blood Cells

11. Apple Blossom – De Stijl

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