The 11 Best Songs By Thin Lizzy

As hard as it was to see the White Stripes break up last week, we all know they’re going to be reuniting in the near future.  It’s harder when we truly lose someone forever.

This week, lead guitarist for the epic 70s rock band Thin Lizzy passed away.  Gary Moore laid down some of the truly great guitar riffs of the 70s inspiring everyone from Metallica to Bruce Springsteen to John Cougar Melloncamp.  He was a legend that delivered some of the most memorable rock songs of all time and inspired countless more.

This was not an easy list to make.  There are dozens of other Thin Lizzy songs that deserve recognition…so please…explore.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Thin Lizzy:

1.  Whiskey in the Jar (Vagabonds of the Western World)

2.  Jailbreak (Jailbreak)

3.  Little Girl in Bloom (Vagabonds of the Western World)

4.  Emerald (Jailbreak)

5.  Dancing in the Moonlight (Bad Reputation)

6.  Roisin Dubh (Black Rose)

7.  Johnny (Johnny The Fox)

8.  Got To Give It Up (Black Rose)

9.  Cold Sweat (Thunder and Lightning)

10.  Romeo and the Lonely Girl (Jailbreak)

11.  Opium Trail (Bad Reputation)

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