The 55 Best Songs of 2011 (12-22)

No song was more infectious this year than Foster the People’s Pumped up Kids.  What started as a catchy indie rock diddy took off and became an international hit rocketing up the Billboard charts and propelling rock album sales.  Most people still don’t know the song is about a school shooting.  Maybe that why despite its popular success, it’s still retained its indie cred.  Hopefully this is a sign that there’s still a place for rock music on the charts…or maybe it’s opening the floodgates for a rock music revival.  One can only hope.

Send in your BEST OF LISTS!!!  I want your top 20 albums of the year…or as many as you would like to send.  Just stick them in the comment section or email them to me.  I will compile a list by New Year’s and share it with you all.

Here are the 55 Best Songs of 2011 (12-22):

12.       War on Drugs – Slave Ambient (Baby Missiles)

13.       Bright Eyes – The People’s Key

14.       Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math

15.       Middle Brother – Middle Brother (Portland)

16.       Wye Oak – Civilian

17.       Jeff the Brotherhood – We Are Champions

18.       Foster The People – Torches

19.       Jay-Z & Kanye West – Watch The Throne

20.       Jason Isbell – Here We Rest

21.    VHS or Beta – Diamonds and Death

22.    Dawes – Nothing Is Wrong

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