The Unknown: Foo Fighters’ Pocketwatch Demos

As Nirvana week continues,  I was priming to do a selection of demos…but then I realized that not only is there a big faction of Nirvana I should be talking about but a whole other Nirvana release this week that is also being neglected.  And that’s the Foo Fighters. 
This week, the Foos release their Greatest Hits.  Without Nirvana, there would never be a Foo…let alone a Greatest Hits. 
What a lot of people don’t know…is that the Foo Fighters were actually born out of the Nirvana recording sessions.  On days when Kurt was awol, Krist and Dave would start jamming on Dave’s song ideas.  From those jams came the songs that would eventually end up on the Foo’s debut album.  But here’s where it gets interesting…the Foo Fighters was not Dave’s first solo project.  Before Nirvana’s breakout success…Dave had his own side project called Late!
Late! released one album (Pocketwatch) on cassette, which came out in 1992 at the peak of Nirvana’s popularity…but oddly went unnoticed.  This is the reason I’m including it during Nirvana week, since it is material that was created in that all but too brief 1991-1994 time period.
Here are the Foo Fighters’ (Late!) Pocketwatch Demos:
9.  Bruce
10.  Milk