The Unknown: Hot Chip – Hard Dance Night

I try to run everyday.  I used to be up to five miles a day.  But with sickness…sick kids…a concussion…and multiple work deadlines…I found myself taking a hiatus.  Strangely…everyone I talked to (who wasn’t a runner) thought that was a good idea.  They all said running is really bad for your health.  I always responded with…”compared to what?”  Most didn’t have an answer.  Some would respond with something asinine like…”compared to anything.”  Yeah, right.  But the one response that had the most frequency was…”compared to going to the gym.”  When I prodded further…to find out how they knew this tidbit of information…their response…which was all the exact same.  They all said:  “My trainer told me.”
So…according to the trainer at the gym…where you pay monthly fees of about $50…running (which is free) is worse for your health than going to the gym.  Interesting.  Now, I know there is some truth that excessive running can have long term health issues (knees & ankles).  But so can doing nothing.  And I promise you…sitting on the couch eating fast food, watching the Bachelor and ridiculing runners is far worse from your health than going for a jog.
Hot Chip has a buttload of Bsides.  Most of which can be purchased from one of three B-side EPs readily available everywhere.  So here’s everything else…
Here is Hot Chip – Hard Dance Night:
9.  So Deep
11.  No
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