The Unknown: Weezer – The Grey Album

As most of you discovered…the Purple album is ficitional.  It’s just a collection of B-sides.  But what I’ve realized over the years is that when you have a bunch of B-sides from a particular band…you barely listen to them.  This was especially true when CDs were the primary listening mode.  Less so on itunes…but still…I always put on an album first.  So, I discovered, when I put B-sides together to form their own album, I not only listen more…I actually enjoy them more.  And now with Photoshop…I can make my own cover art.  I can make my own tracklist…and make as long or as short as I want.  It makes the experience just more user-friendly.
So, continuing on with the tradition.  The Grey Album is a collection of demos from Weezer that were up for consideration for Album 5 but didn’t make the grade.  I don’t think I’ve posted this before…so would love to hear thoughts.

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Here is the Weezer’s – The Grey Album:
13.  Zep Jamb
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