The Unknown: Weezer’s Black & White Album (Disc Black)

I know no ever reads this stuff…but I’m hoping today I’m wrong.  What I’ve posted today is disc one of a 2-disc compilation.  In order to get disc 2…I need all my readers to go out and support the artists.  As much as I love blogging…it’s not free.  It’s costly to host the files and have my own domain….just turn on all you audiofiles to great new music.  So below is a link to a bunch of great albums for only $5.  I get pennies for any album you buy…but those pennies add up…and allow me to keep going. 


So think of it this way…for $5.00…you get a great album…plus a whole other album of Weezer goodness.  You can’t beat that deal with a stick.  Happy shopping. 
I’ll decide by Monday the verdict!
Here is Weezer’s Black & White Album (Disc Black):
3.  367
8.  Fontana
11.  Running Man

Buy Weezer’s new album…if you haven’t already.  It’s called RADITUDE!!!