The 11 Best Songs By The Autumn Defense


Here are The 11 Best Songs By The Autumn Defense:

  1. Sun In California (Circles)
  2. Estate Remains (The Autumn Defense)
  3. Once Around (Once Around)
  4. Circles (Circles)
  5. Long Forgotten Love (The Green Hour)
  6. Don’t Know (Once Around)
  7. Criminal (The Autumn Defense)
  8. The Swallows Of London Town (Once Around)
  9. Full 5 Paces (The Green Hour)
  10. Paradise
  11. Feel You Now (The Autumn Defense
  12. Iowa City Adieu (Circles)
  13. Every Day (Once Around)
  14. Something Everybody Needs (The Green Hour)
  15. Step Easy (Once Around)
  16. Winterlight (The Autumn Defense)
  17. Why I’m Like This (Circles)

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