The 11 Best Songs By Trentemoller

When it comes to internationally famous Danish rock stars, the list is quite small.  If they were to hold an outdoor festival, your line-up would consist of a drum solo by Lars Ulrich, a reading of Hans Christian Andersen by Brigette Nielsen, and Trentemoller.  The road to get there has not been paved.  For Trentemoller to have the break out success they’ve sustained so far is feat itself.  Maybe its the format of electronica that allows the DJ/creator to speak through the music without relying on words…on the other hand, that hasn’t stopped Sigur Ros.  Granted, they are the only band out of Iceland to find success the way they have.  After a string of singles, remixes, and cook books…Trentemoller delivers his third album to get your Friday rolling and your party started.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Trentemoller:

  1. …Even Though You’re With Another Girl (Into The Great Wide Yonder)
  2. Take Me Into Your Skin (The Last Resort)
  3. Sycamore Feeling (Into The Great Wide Yonder)
  4. My Dreams (My Dreams)
  5. Like Two Strangers (The Last Resort)
  6. Shades of Marble (Into The Great Wide Yonder)
  7. Neverglade (Into The Great Wide Yonder)
  8. The Mash and The Fury (Into The Great Wide Yonder)
  9. Moan (The Last Resort)
  10. Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! (Into The Great Wide Yonder)
  11. Blue Hotel (My Dreams)

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