The 11 Best Songs By TV on the Radio

I had a long discussion with a co-worker at the perks of buying a CD and why it means something.  He hates CDs and thinks they’re a waste of space.  Why should he buy 12 mediocre songs when he only wants the 1 good song he likes?  I suggested maybe he should stop listening to bands who only have one good song.  That didn’t go over too well.  But this is my reason for buying a CD or vinyl.  Owning a CD is like owning a physical piece of the band.  It’s a physical connection to the music.  It’s your personal portal into the world the band created.  And that piece of the band is always mine.  No one can ever take that away.  It’s almost like owning a piece or art.  As much as it means something to hold it in your hands, it’s a visual companion to the music.  The pictures, the lyrics,…most of which can always be found online…but the construction of the booklet, even the CD package itself…it means something.

The era of the album isn’t dead.  It’ll be back.  CDs may disappear…but something will come to take their place.  Music changes and evolves…so will the industry that distributes it to our ears.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By TV on the Radio:

1.      Wolf Like Me (Return To Cookie Mountain)

2.      Dancing Choose (Dear Science)

3.      Staring At the Sun (Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes)

4. Stork & Owl (Dear Science)

5.      Dreams (Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes)

6.      Hours (Return To Cookie Mountain)

7. DLZ (Dear Science)

8.      New Health Rock (New Health Rock EP)

9. Crying (Dear Science)

10.  Blues From Down Here (Return To Cookie Mountain)

11.  I Was A Lover (Return To Cookie Mountain)

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