The 55 Best Albums of 2013 (45-55)

It’s that time of the year…time for the best of lists.  Here at GBU it’s been a big year.  We had a book come out…and the music this year was worlds better than last year.

As usual we like to put together a list of the best music that you loved and compile it into one big uber list of 111 albums.  So it’s time for you to vote.  We want your 20 favorite albums of 2013.  You can email us…or just post it in the comment section of the blog.  And if you can’t think of 20…list as many as you liked. If you liked just 1 album…then tell us that.  We collect everyone’s responses and tally them up.

So let us have them.  And as always…we will start off the voting with our own list.  Enjoy!

Here are the 55 Best Albums of 2013 (45-55):

45.  Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull

46.  Noah and the Whale – Heart of Nowhere

47.  Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt

48.  HBS – In Deep Owl

49.  Junip – Junip

50.  Disclosure – Settle

51.  James Blake – Overgrown

52.  Earl Sweatshirt – Doris

53.  Andrew Stockdale – Keep Moving

54.  Avicii – True

55.  Fitz and the Tantrums – More Than Just A Dream