The Unknown: Heaventide

In the ’00s, music was all about “more.”  Everything had to be bigger, louder, with more layers and more singers.  More guests, more instruments, more BPM.  It was like every song had to be packed with more goodies than a Vegas-style buffet.  But instead of having more to offer, the songs felt less human and had less emotional connection.  We want our songs to sound more human and less like computers.

Heaventide ushers in a fresh, nostalgic presence that we haven’t felt in music since the early ’90s.  Their bare bones approach defies any genre.  With a groove that would make R. Kelly bounce and a headstrong female voice that would motivate Ani DiFranco to kick off her Birkenstocks and dance, Heaventide is a shining example of what music with a soul is supposed to sound like.  With as much Massive Attack as Erykah Badu, their song “The Chore” is a murky bruiser of a broken-hearted love song. There’s a dark vibe to this angelic tune, a fore-warning to anyone who dares to scorn the hearts of this trio of women from Canada.  If more music would have this kind of emotional strength, it would make Katy Perry’s roar sound more like a whimper.

Check out their song “The Chore:”



  • Mrs Jean Pierre

    I read your review with great pleasure since it describes with objectivity theses new talent. Heaventide is really refreshing as you pointed out so well because it is a soul music, not a digital one. It suits all ages. It is encouraging to know that young people can get inspired and dare using more of raw talent. They are uncarved stones. Thumbs up for them . Good luck and looking forward to hear more of them.