The 11 Best Songs By The Deftones


Let’s talk Arizona.  I get the whole problem with immigration.  And I’m sympathetic. I can’t blame anyone for wanting to leave their 3rd world country where they are making dirt to come here and make a better life.  I’d probably want (and maybe even try) to do it too.  But they are “illegal” immigrants…not “sorta legal” immigrants.  That’s not to say our post 9-11 immigration policy is haywire and ass backward.  I think we need to crack down especially with Americans losing so many jobs, but I’m not sure this law does an accurate service.  

My problem with the law is that it puts too much pressure on Law Enforcement.  If they don’t arrest enough people, the public has the right to sue them.  If they arrest too many people, then the ACLU can sue them for racial profiling and violations of the 4th Amendment.  They’re screwed either way…and they’re on our side! 

If you want to crack down on immigration, it’s simple…crack down on businesses who hire immigrants.  If a business is caught hiring an illegal immigrant…then revoke their business license.  No business in their right mind would risk that.  And without jobs to lure immigrants here…the problem would evaporate. 

Here Are the 11 Best Songs By The Deftones:

 1.  Be Quiet and Drive (Around The Fur)

2.  Pink Maggit (White Pony)

3.  Anniversary of An Uninteresting Evening (Deftones)

4.  My Own Summer (Around The Fur)

5.  No Ordinary Love (B-Sides)

6.  Kimdracula (Saturday Night Wrist)

7.  Change (white Pony)

8.  Mascara (Around The Fur)

9.  The Chaffeur (B-Sides) 

10.  Minerva (Deftones)

11.  Drive (Saturday Night Wrist)

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