The 11 Best Songs By The National

 I get a lot of crap from people that my lists are all wrong.  But these lists are by no means definitive.  They are my opinion of the best songs by a band.  I listen to the entire catalogue by a band before doing a list, so the music is fresh in my head.  I usually rate it on listenability, originality, how has it held up over the years.  My lists change.  If you look at bands that have been featured many times on my site, you will notice that the lists are different.  I even don’t agree with myself.  But that’s kind of the whole point.  This site isn’t about me forcing my opinion on you…it’s about everyone sharing their opinions of a band.  I love it when people submit their own lists.  That’s the fun of it. 

 But the one thing that has to stop…check the date of my lists before getting pissed that I neglected to include a song that hadn’t been released when my list was made.

 Here Are the 11 Best Songs By the National:


1.  Slipping Husband (Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers)

2.  Mistaken For Strangers (Boxer)

3.  Available (Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers)

4.  Son (The National)

5.  Brainy (Boxer)

6.  Cherry Tree (Cherry Tree EP)

7.  Abel (Alligator)

8.  John’s Star (The National)

9.  So Far Around the Bend (Dark Was The Night)

10.  Trophy Wife (Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers)

11.  Pretty in Pink (Daytrotter)

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