The 11 Best Songs By Assemblage 23

Stumbling upon a new a great band that’s been out there for years is like discovering a pot of gold in your backyard.  I am a huge Depeche Mode fan…and have loved much of the dark brooding 80s electronic resurgence.  But only recently have I discovered a band called Assemblage 23, who is now going on fifteen years strong.  When I try to describe them to my friends, I call them an “angry Depeche Mode.”  But despite some harder industrial tones…this band is making some of the best electronic ballads I’ve ever heard.  It’s good to hear that this band has a rabid following of devoted fans that would put Fall Out Boy fans to shame…but I would love to see Tom Shear (Assemblage 23’s only member) to finally get the respect he deserves.  All I can say…if you love Mode…then they’re worth a listen.
Here are the 11 Best Songs By Assemblage 23:
1.  Dirt (Binary EP)
2.  Cocoon (Defiance)
3.  Damaged (Meta)
4.  Human (Storm)
5.  Drive (Defiance)
6.  Madman’s Dream (Meta)
7.  I Am The Rain (Failure)
8.  Skin (Storm)
9.  Love My Way (Early, Rare, Unreleased v2)
10.  You Haven’t Earned It (Storm)
11.  Opened (Defiance)
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