The 11 Best Songs By Skrillex

Back in the 90s…the last couple weeks before Christmas were always a mad dash to the CD shelves.  Bands would throw out “best of” collections…holiday collections…etc.  Now all that stuff comes out in November…sometimes you see Christmas stuff way back in October…right Zooey?  After Christmas, we’d be hit with a dry spell for a few weeks…but things have changed in the digital era.  An album being released is no longer an event unto itself…now the date of the release can sometimes be bigger news than the release.  Last year, multiple bands put out album on New Year’s Eve (MIA, Klaxons, JJ, Gorillaz) because it made the release more interesting.  This year, the rumors of more midnight New Year’s Eve releases are already buzzing. A couple of artists have jumped the gun.  Last week, The Weeknd dropped his 3rd free album of the year. (how can you not like a guy who gives away three albums a year?)  Also, out this week is dubstep’s hottest commodity, Skrillex.  Is he getting too big too fast?  Probably.  Not sure I’ve ever seen this much hype over an artist who still has yet to release a full length album.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Skrillex:

  1. Kill Everybody (Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites)
  2. Weekends!!! (My Name Is Skrillex)
  3. First of the Year Equinox (More Monsters and Sprites)
  4. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites)
  5. Rock N Roll Will Take You To The Mountain (Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites)
  6. With You, Friends (My Name Is Skrillex)
  7. My Name Is Skrillex (My Name Is Skrillex)
  8. Scatta (Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites)
  9. The Disco Rangers Bus (YouTube Exclusive)
  10. Ruffneck Full Flex (More Monsters and Sprites)
  11. DnB Ting (Single)
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