The 11 Best Songs By The Hold Steady

Tonight I celebrate my 7th wedding anniversary…and to ensure I have an 8th one…I’m keeping this short.

 Rock on. 

Here are the 11 best Songs By The Hold Steady: 

1.  Stay Positive (Stay Positive)

2.  Stuck Between Stations (Boys and Girls in America)

3.  Sequestered in Memphis (Stay Positive)

4.  Cattle and the Creeping Things (Seperations Sunday)

5.  Both Crosses (Stay Positive)

6.  Hot Soft Light (Boys and Girls in America)

7.  Constructive Summer (Stay Positive)

8.  You Can Make Hime Like You (Boys and Girls in America)

9.  Your Little Hoodrat Friend (Seperations Sunday) 

10.  Chips Ahoy! (Boys and Girls in America)

11.  Slapped Actress (Stay Positive)

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